G20 Summit Canberra

G20 meeting, Parliament House, Canberra. Bramshaw installed all microphones and queuing system, PTZ  camera system and remote briefing rooms sound.

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BRAMSHAW ICS Conference Communications is a privately owned Australian company dedicated to providing quality conference communications service and equipment for meetings, conventions, Parliaments, Councils, Courts, Lecture Theatres, Universities, Schools and the like throughout Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Rim areas.

Generally we do what normal AV companies don't - we provide push to talk desk top conference microphones (just like you would see in the UN or Parliament), simultaneous interpretation services so regardless of the language being spoken we can enable delegates to listen in their native tongue (again, just like the UN), TourGuide so we can do the same for walking tours and lastly, audience response voting systems either by push button voting units or via SMS from delegate's mobile phones.

We are also the Australasian agents for TELEVIC® Conference of Belgium, rental partners of the worldwide Brahler ICS of Germany rental network, BENEWAY® OY of Finland's HUDLE™ internet audience response products & distributors for Listen® Audio Systems communications equipment and Sun-Tech IT Solutions®.

Our services, both sales and rental, include:

Meetings:       Wherever, whatever your meeting is we bring all of our services to you – no matter how big or how small we will be there for you.

Language interpretation/translation:   

Infracom digital simultaneous interpretation & simultaneous translation systems. No matter how large your audience we have the language receivers for them.

Microphones-push button desktop - which one suits your needs?

CDS-VAN        Digital Virtual Audio Network.
CMIC                 Digital desktop microphones & management systems.
CONFIDEA wireless    Digital desktop wireless microphones & management systems. Buy them or rent them. (See our new Confidea Wireless Conference System - 3rd generation pages).

CONFIDEA wired          Digital desktop wired microphones & management systems. Sales & both wet & dry rental. (See our Confidea Wired - Wired table-top conference system pages).

DIGIMIC           Digital desktop microphones & management systems, wired & wireless. 

Audience Response Voting Systems - are you paying for things yodon't need?
DIGIVOTE       Electronic Voting & Audience Response Systems. Wet & dry rental.
QNA-Xpress    Electronic Voting & SUPER EASY to USE Audience Response Systems.   Sales only.
uVOTE           From Finland's HUDLE® the first global stand alone Audience Response or Polling System that eliminates the need for external operators and key pads by using SMS. The system can be used for electronic voting and communications for an unlimited amount of users, anonymous Q&A during events and conferences, seamless SMS and MMS messaging, cost-effective market research and interactive sales force communications.
Best of all? We don't even have to be at your conference to make it happen! 

Portable wireless radio transmitting & receiving systems - when on the move:
TOURGUIDE    Perfect for small or large factory tours using one or more languages. Wet and dry rental and Sales. You can view details of all our products in the Listen Technology Catalogue

Judge us by the 'company' we keep?       
For more information on the conferences and organisations, from APEC, The White House, the Australian Government, Corporations, Unions and Associations that have benefited from using our equipment and network services please click here.